Catch ‘Em All to Lose it All!

Fitness has always been a priority for me, even if I generally get unmotivated. The times in my life where I made fitness and healthy eating a priority, I lost weight and kept it off. This is still the case.
I have happily lost 20lbs! I wish I could tell you it was because I took a magic pill, but it came down to the simplest and obvious things to do: exercise, nutrition, and water. I’ve made excuses for myself plenty of times before and psychologically, you mentally know that it takes a LOT of effort or there wouldn’t be an obesity epidemic.
I exercise as much as I can but honestly there wasn’t too much effort into it. Sometimes I would have a good burst of effort but it took a lot to convince myself to do it. I would have been fine like that and I almost resigned myself into staying at 215lbs for a while. I mean, I could eat whatever I wanted and I didn’t have to work out that hard!
Of course, that’s not how I really felt. I wanted to feel accomplished again and I missed jogging. I used to be able to jog a 5k and I whittled myself down to 145lbs at my smallest. I had never felt so happy about myself in my entire life and considering I used to weigh 250lbs, it’s no wonder!
After medical issues, losing my daughter at 3 months, recurring miscarriages thereafter, and getting thrown into a brand new relationship, the pounds packed right back on. I also didn’t love myself enough to give myself a break when I needed it. I still hated my body even though when I look back now I would give anything to just be there again and not make the same mistakes that I had made afterwards. I wish I had appreciated my accomplishments more instead of comparing myself with others.
Fast forward two years and I came to a point where despite being poorer than I had been in years, I was going to make a change. I started tracking my food intake like I always have at SparkPeople, and started going to the gym seriously. I met with a trainer who gave me tips and I pressed forward. I started noticing the changes right away, but I didn’t see the scale move much. Slightly deterred, I started walking because that’s where it all started.
When I first lost weight, I dropped 50lbs by walking every day after dinner and using the stair climber at my school. I also put in more effort at gym class as well as using small plates for food, and slowly but surely, the fat melted away like butter on a muffin.
Then Pokemon Go was released and since I am that generation that grew up with Pokemon in the first place, I had to have it! My first two days playing it, I walked 50,000 steps, or roughly 25 miles! Since then, I started walking to work which is roughly 3.2 miles one way as well as going for extra walks when I can. This is the most fun I’ve had walking in a long time! Plus hatching eggs makes me feel accomplished that much more.

I am so happy and proud with my progress! I am so happy to be in “one-derland” again, which means the first digit of my weight is a one!
My plan:

  • Get 20,000-25,000 steps on my Fitbit every day; 15,000-20,000 on the weekends (unless I’m busy and don’t get a chance)
  • Cross train twice a week with the elliptical or bike to give my knees a rest
  • Eat my favorite healthy foods (oatmeal, grapes, apples, yogurt, etc.)
  • Limit alcohol to twice a week, if in excess, once a month
  • Join challenges on Sparkpeople

I have always for the most part eaten healthy so luckily my good food habits were easy to implement again, but my husband is my biggest cheerleader. He is honestly proud of me and what I have accomplished, not to mention he helps out when he can. He would walk more himself if he didn’t have a bad knee. At least he can bike still!

That’s all for now, hope ya’ll have a great week!